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About us

Yobaby Apparel short as Yobaby was founded by a lady who is truly passionate about yoga practice and dance. She was a happy girl growing up and she loves dancing. However, to become a professional dancer can only live in her dreams.


As a corporate rat working 9 to 6, she discovered a wonderland for her another passion. When it just happened by chance that she stepped on the mat and start to learn yoga, once the seed planted, it started to grow.



A humble yoga practitioner who loves going to yoga classes and observing other girls’ beautiful yoga outfit. Dress beautifully makes you happy and committed to practice with disciplines. After years of wearing major brands which they are still very nice, but sometimes we just want a bit sparkles and spices. She started searching for alternatives for more varieties, however some come with quality which is just not up to the standard to major market players.



Why not just create it? This is how Yobaby was founded. We want to share our passion to every yogi in the world. We design beautiful yoga apparel which hugs your body softly yet still able to perform functionally during practice. We hand pick reputable manufacturers with seasoned experience in activewear producing for our every design. As we want you to be happy and dress beautifully.

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