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Become Yobaby Ambassador

Become Yobaby Ambassador
This is not the high level version of being a brand ambassador like a celebrity.
This is not the speaking person of our brand as voices come from everyone of you, our customers, our friends, our families, colleagues and everyone in our communities. 
This is definitely not the perfect advertising girl who is curated and edited to be perfect.
This is you. You are impactful and inspiring to us. 
People are capable of great things when they come together. By becoming our ambassador, you contribute to creating bonding and women empowerment over our communities online and offline. You contribute your authenticity, practice techniques and knowledge, nice pictures and media. You share life experiences with us.
At the same time, you could offer 17% off direct shopping benefits to your audience.
Earn endorsement and 15% referral fee from us. 
Let’s connect and create something meaningful.



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